opti*Map Privacy Policy


Who is the provider of the app?

Jens-Christian Henke
/ HenkeSoft

What are the contact details of the provider?

Schiersteiner Str. 2

65187 Wiesbaden

E-Mail: optiMap@henkesoft.de

Which access rights does the app need?

Position data: opti*Map reads and processes GPS position data of the smartphone in order to display the current position on the map.

External storage: opti*Map writes log files to the "\optiMap" directory. Log files contain, among other things, position data. Further data will neither be read nor written. There is no read or write access to pictures, documents and other personal files.

How long will the app store collected data?

Log files are stored until they are deleted or archived by the user.

Is the usage behavior or the data of the users evaluated by tracking tools (Apptrace, Apptrace, Adeven, App Annie, Google Analytics for Apps)?


Does the app transfer data to third parties?


What rights does the user have in order to delete, block or rectify his personal data?

On smartphones with the operating system Android 6.0 "Marshmallow" or higher, the user has the right at any time to withdraw access rights requested by the app (position data, external memory). Then, however, a meaningful operation of the app is no longer possible. The user can delete log files written by the app at any time. All app data remains on the smartphone. It will not be transferred to other locations (e.g. Cloud services).

How can the user object?

Since no data is being transmitted, a contradiction solution is not required.